Etharius Ltd - IT and Networking Infrastructure Worldwide
Etharius Ltd - IT and Networking Infrastructure Worldwide

Preparing for 2017

by Ross Liversidge

After a stellar 2016, the boys from etharius are preparing for a rip-roaring 2017, which will some major changes to our reach and offerings into the new year.


James is busy beavering away on our latest Content Management System (codename: code faster James!) This new CMS has some revolutionary new features and is a smooth blend of Ajax, .NEt and MS SQL to create a responsive, drag-and-drop system for creating galleries, menus and new pages. It's a wonderful system and we're enjoying playing with it almost as much as coding it.

Our latest CMS will be available on wide release in March once we've finished beating the hell out of the beta. The lucky recipient? LTC Healthcare, our favourites sexual health manufacturer, based in picturesque Boroughbridge.

Expanding into... Vietnam?

After a successful fact-finding trip to Vietnam last year, Ross will be setting up a new office in this fabulous country. Offering the very best of our software to this developing market is a real privelege, and thanks to our new partner, Luan, we'll be well-placed to hit the ground running. After years of exporting cloth with Huddersfield Cloth, we're now exporting code!

And this is just the start of the year. With fantastic new eCommerce offerings in the works and some great new video projects, we'll be sure to keep you updated over the coming months!