From facebook to twitter, our specialist services will help to elevate not only your company profile, but your Google rankings too. Get the right message to your clients

Search Engine Optimisation isn't really a dark art, but given the way many companies bang on about algorithms, meta-tags and other such terms it might as well be another language.

At Etharius we understand that all you want to know is that your customers can find you on the top search engines. This process is remarkably simple, and we're not afraid to share:


The key words or phrases people will use to find your website. Put it this way; if you were the customer, what would you type into Google's search bar to find your business? That's a keyword/phrase.


Did you know that most search engines use keyword frequency when looking at your text? This means that you have to be careul how many times you throw keywords into your paragraphs - too few and you won't score highly enough to rate, too many and you'll be punished for it. They'll also score you on how often the site updates, which is why it always pays to have a regularly updated news page or embedded twitter feed.



This is using social media such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more to get your message out there. If you need a guide to help you link all these great tools together, we can show you how. 


There are plenty of other techniques too, but these are 3 of the most common elements to SEO, providing you have a well built, logical website. And hey, if you don't have one of those yet, why not talk to us and we'll straighten that out for you too.

We're here to help with SEO, whether you want a guide to managing it yourself, or want to outsource to a friendly firm. Either way just call us on 0845 6808 132 and we'll get you started.