Safe Sex Matters

Protecting the nation

A little known fact about LTC Healthcare is  that they are largest supplier to the British NHS for condoms. With over 2 decades of quality manufacturing and a safety record that exceeds industry standards, LTC Healthcare have been the unsung guardians of public health.

Reaching out to new markets

As the company expands its own brands, EXS Condoms and Boys Own, the website featuring the company range and information was long overdue an update.

Our first port of call was to modernise the brand, taking the bright yellow that dominated the site and creating a cooler, more professional palette from which the products could stand out. 

The company already has excellent product images, so we've brought them front and centre.

The site is now responsive and can be viewed comfortably on any device, with a collapsible menu and dynamic columns.

Why not visit LTC Healthcare and find out more about this fantastic British company?