From total campaign management to onsite staff training exercises, we're here to get you noticed.


Since the dawn of Social Media, Etharius has been on the cutting edge of social media innovation. Through facebook, twitter, Instagram and others, your customers have never been closer to you. We understand that your social media is not just a sales tool, but a way to create an identity by conveying values and gaining insight into the needs of your potential customers.

There's no secret to social media - in fact the very point is to make communication accessible to everyone - but there's a knack to aligning your brand to others, broadcasting not only what your company is up to but also it's views on the industry, markets and countries in which it trades. Harnessed properly, social media is your best friend.


While some of the best social media is "of the moment", it doesn't hurt to plan ahead either. Managed campaigns, whereby your marketing, production and communications are aligned, is pivotal to success. At Etharius, we not only understand this philosophy, we have helped numerous companies achieve market dominance by planning ahead.

Our work with Huddersfield Cloth Ltd, which saw the company pioneer the export of British Suiting Cloth online through a powerful combination of custom Content Management System and carefully curated social media saw the company turnover almost £1 million in its first four years. The company has been cited as a market leader in Social Media at industry gatherings, and many have aped our success.

Our magazine website, the UK Anime Network has over 36,000 followers on twitter, built up over several years thanks to quality reporting, incisive articles and industry commentary.

Our photography, which has been placed on Instagram for product launches countless times, has been used by global companies such as Ebay to promote themselves. We recognise that quality counts.


If you're looking to broadcast your brand to the wider world, why not start by contacting us and seeing how we can help.

Copy Writing for Blogs, Editorials and Articles

Copy Writing for Blogs, Editorials and Articles

Our copy-writing services are designed to be engaging and clear - let us craft your message for maximum effect.

Photography Services

Photography Services

We offer professional photography services, from product shots in lightboxes to onsite photo shoots. Our equipment is top of the line and our results speak for themselves.

Website Design at the Studio

Website Design at the Studio

We bring your business online with the best presentation possible. Everything from standard Wordpress sites to custom-coded Enterprise sites powered by Etharius CMS.