An amazing catalogue of Japanese animation, MVM Films needed a website to showcase some of the best shows the East has to offer.

Shining a light on an awesome catalogue

Film distributor MVM Films is one of the most established brands in Japanese animation and Asian Cinema. Having reviewed a great many of their releases, and having a natural affinity for promoting Japanese entertainment, Managing Director Ross Liversidge was delighted when they approached him to create a catalogue site to promote their titles. 

The main aim was to provide a platform for each title that provided not only the public, but also retail buyers, with a synopsis, code and technical details of each release. This was a simple case of creating a suitable database structure and attaching our Etharius CMS to create a simple yet powerful back-end for the company to update on a regular basis.

For the design, we wanted to highlight the vibrant colours of the artwork and the animation for each release, so a black background was selected for maximum impact. This dark base palette is almost unique in our portfolio, and as such tends to be one of the standouts for our new clients. We think we managed a strong balance of functional design, vibrant colour and intuitive interface.

Taking the next step

Of course, having created a central hub for the company's products, we needed to help build an audience. We're proud to count MVM Films as one of our SEO clients and have helped to build a great online presence through Facebook and Twitter and are constantly in touch with the community in the UK and beyond.

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