We bring your business online with the best presentation possible. Everything from standard Wordpress sites to custom-coded Enterprise sites powered by Etharius CMS.

From Ross Liversidge, Managing Director

When I started coding websites back in the late 90's, the internet wasn't the driving force it is today. Back then, websites were static advertisements for a company, with a small picture or two and a description of the services offered. You'd access them with a strange screaming box that you plugged into your telephone, and nobody could call you when you were "surfing".

It has been incredible watching the world wide web develop, with billion dollar companies now dominating the market and millionaires being made in their bedrooms.

I've not only watched the internet develop, I've worked alongside it for my whole career. I developed a Content Management System for my clients 10 years before Wordpress made it easy to update your own website. I'd written eCommerce solutions for companies like Neo G and LTC Healthcare, both of which are now global brands. I'm proud to say I started a company exporting suiting cloth that thrived because the customer and stock management functions were custom built and they made the company so much more nimble than any competitor in the market. All of this I accomplished before I turned 35. 

Etharius (and before it, Tech Networks) is the company that allows me to work in an industry I'm passionate about - many of my clients have been with me for over 20 years, and it's this level of commitment and experience that I want to share with you. 

My team and I can work with off-the-shelf packages such as Wordpress or Drupal, or eCommerce systems such as X-Cart, EKM or Shopify. Some customers prefer to use standard, readily available systems for the sake of support and continuity, and we're absolutely fine with that. But we can also code you a system to your exact specifications when you're ready to take the next step too.

If you want to discuss your website requirements, contact us and we'll be happy to chat to you, even if you're just starting out and would simply like some advice.

"We have used Ross from Etharius for over 18 years now to design and manage our website and guide us through the ever changing world of IT.  We could not be happier with Etharius and could not imagine a reason to change provider.  He is an excellent communicator (in plain English!) and has lots of imaginative ideas on presentation.  An obvious expert in his field and most importantly its a system that works, never lets us down and generates plenty of leads"

- Paul, Indulge Deli Bar, Harrogate

MVM Films

MVM Films

A custom-built Content Managed website featuring over 200 licenses as well as competitions, news and articles.

LTC Healthcare

LTC Healthcare

A corporate website for a sexual healthcare manufacturer based in North Yorkshire.

Indulge Deli Bar

Indulge Deli Bar

A Deli Bar with a catering arm, Indulge has been creating delicious food for over 10 years!